Crane Operator Medical

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Why do You need a medical?

At potentially dangerous heights and in possession of heavy goods when controlling a crane, it is crucial that an operator is at the required level of physical and mental fitness needed to carry out tasks safely. This is why the majority of employers now ask for a certificate of medical fitness to be provided by a worker when beginning a role with them which involves cranes.

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Your Examination

Although there is no national law which requires crane operators to undergo a medical examination the majority of employers in this day and age see it as vital that operators are declared medically fit for the role by a Doctor. The crane operator medical examination involves:

  • Vision Assessment
  • Blood Pressure Readings
  • Urinalysis
  • Questions regarding Medical History
  • When you complete your examination our Doctor will provide you with your certificate of medical fitness (subject to the outcome of the medical) valid from the date you pass your medical examination, as well as indicate how long it is valid for which depends on our Doctor’s findings during the medical.

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