MSA Motor Sport Medical

When attaining your licence from the Motor Sport Association (MSA) you must be examined by a Doctor confirming you are fit to compete and not a danger to other competitors. Our Doctors specialise in these medicals and provide them to competitive race drivers all over the UK on a daily basis.

Resting ECG £125 and MSA Medical

International race competitors must undergo a medical examination by a Doctor when gaining a licence, additionally a resting ECG is needed for drivers who apply for an international licence under the age of 45. Dr. Charlesworth-Jones, our head doctor is registered with the MSA as an approved ECG medical ready GP and can carry out the Resting ECG Medical combined with the standard medical at our Wolverhampton clinic. To find out more click here.

Standard MSA Medical £75

If it is your first application for a National Race, Truck or Long Circuit Kart Licence a Doctor must provide a medical report on your behalf on Section 3 of your application form. The medical will include an eye test, urine analysis for diabetes, blood pressure test and questions surrounding your medical history. We can provide this medical at any of our national clinic venues.

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To Complete an MSA medical you need to be assessed by a doctor who will verify that you are fit to compete. Most GPs see you at a time which is convenient for them, then to charge you a fortune. This usually means that you have to take a day off and pay for the privilege.

At Ryminster Driver Medical Centre we see things a little differently. We know that you want to:

✓ See a Doctor where and when it suits you
✓ Save as much money as you can on an MSA Medical
✓ Spend as little time possible being assessed

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