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The Event

This year we were at the Shropshire Truck Show in Oswestry both Saturday and Sunday representing Ryminster Medical Services. The event was sponsored by Towergate Insurance who were offering a scholarship to one lucky potential driver who was at the show.

Drivers and haulage companies from up and down the country turned out for the show which took place from the 5th-7th September and throughout the weekend drivers could be seen proudly polishing their vehicles until shiny enough to see their own reflection.

The main arena was the place to be as stuntmen performed various routines on their motocross bikes, adding to the other exciting events that went on in the arena over the weekend such as cars driving on just their right wheels.

Playing our Part

Ryminster Medical Services utilised a stand for the Truck Show, taking many bookings over the weekend for driver medicals for drivers who upon stumbling past our stand and being informed of our expert service realised that they were being charged far too much for their medical, either by their local GP or by the Doctor who their company uses to carry out its drivers’ medicals.

Whilst at the Truck show people were very surprised that we could offer a driver medical which included an eye test, all for just £40. Many drivers we spoke to during the weekend admitted to us that they were guilty of paying over the odds just for a medical and couldn’t believe how little they actually needed to pay for the service, whilst still receiving the same professional and reliable care from a qualified and experienced Doctor.

The Shropshire Star were kind enough to mention us in their report of the Show which also included images of the impressive vehicles at the event.

Our highlight of the weekend however was pleasing children far and wide who raced to us after hearing from their friends a promise of free chocolate. It was truly a weekend well spent for all of us who took part and we look forward to the Shropshire Truck Show 2016. Below are a few pictures which tell the story of our weekend at the show.

As setting up began on Friday we received assistance from two keen helpers

As setting up began on Friday we received assistance from two keen helpers

A few of the team prepare on Saturday for people to arrive at the event.

A few of the team prepare on Saturday for people to arrive at the event.

It was sun burn on Sunday all round even with a couple of Ridgway Rental baseball caps

It was sun burn all round on Sunday even with a few Ridgway Rental baseball caps

Coronavirus Update

We are now running around 60 clinics at reduced capacity across the UK with PPE and social distancing measures in place, please go to https://www.d4drivers.uk/book-now/ and use our online booking portal to book your medical. (Remove this pop-up by clicking the ‘x’ at the bottom left). Our phone lines are not open at this time.

Please note sessions may not be at our usual clinic venues so check your confirmation email when booking.

Please visit https://www.d4drivers.uk/covid-19-faqs/ for information about applying for/renewing your medical with D4Drivers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you require any assistance regarding a medical that you have already attended please email bookings@d4drivers.uk and this will be dealt with urgently.

If you cannot find a clinic suitable, please continue to check our online booking portal as we continue to add new clinic sessions.