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New DVLA D4 Medical Form

woman filling out form

Ordering a D2 & D4 form is the first thing you will need to do when applying to become a professional lorry or coach driver (HGV/PCV). The D4 part of this package is what a Doctor must complete to allow you to gain a provisional licence with added entitlements.

Alternatively if you are approaching the age of renewal of your additional entitlements you will be sent a D47P and D4 Form automatically by the DVLA. If this applies to you you may have noticed that the DVLA D4 Form has now altered slightly in appearance.


The updated D4 Form is very similar to the old form, mainly just showing off a new layout. All our Doctors are supplied with these new D4 Forms which are personalised. With their name and GMC number already printed our GPs don’t have to waste your time filling these sections out during the time of your examination, instead concentrating solely on you and your health for the whole appointment.

You can download the form here: D4 Form

The contents of the D4 Medical are very much still the same, requiring:

  • Eyetest
  • Blood Pressure testing
  • Urine Test for Diabetes
  • Declaration of Consent

The above are all very important in determining the health of a candidate, especially the urine test our Doctors carry out as it can sometimes lead to revealing diabetes which a driver did not know they had.

We hope this has made things clearer regarding the new D4 Form, to find out more about what is involved in a D4 Medical Examination click here.

To enquire about driver medicals email bookings@d4drivers.uk.

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Coronavirus Update

We are now running some clinics at reduced capacity in some locations, please go to https://www.d4drivers.uk/book-now/ and use our online booking portal to book your medical. (Remove this pop-up by clicking the ‘x’ at the bottom left). Our phone lines are not open at this time.

Please note sessions may not be at our usual clinic venues so check your confirmation email when booking.

We have contacted every existing customer affected by the coronavirus situation by email and provided a voucher code to use to rebook your medical, but if you have not yet heard from us please email bookings@d4drivers.uk.

If you require any assistance regarding a medical that you have already attended please email bookings@d4drivers.uk and this will be dealt with urgently.

If you cannot find a clinic suitable, please continue to check our online booking portal as we continue to add new clinic sessions.