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Following the DVLA announcement on Friday 17th April 2020, which you can read using the link below, we now require assistance of business and operators who can assist D4Drivers in providing a venue for medicals.


We welcome the announcement from DVLA which provides some clarity for thousands of drivers whose licences were due to expire, but we are disappointed that an extension of 12 months has been offered despite the many contributions to the policy discussions which recommended a shorter period, which we believe would have been sufficient and posed less of a threat to road safety.

It is unclear how drivers should be determining whether or not they need a medical. It is also not clear for those who will still need a medical because they have a notifiable condition, how they should obtain one with services like ours currently unable to operate.

Businesses who put drivers on the road with a temporary extension may also be in danger of incurring vicarious liability for any incidents which occur as a result of drivers having medical issues at the wheel, and we believe employers should still be screening drivers who will be renewing their license without a medical this year.

In order to support drivers who still need a medical, and business concerned about these risks, D4Drivers is setting up regional clinics where drivers who need a medical can be seen, and where businesses can screen drivers in order to ensure they are safe to drive.

We need your help. We normally run clinics at 75 locations but most have had to close due to government restrictions. We are therefore appealing to any business which has unused or empty office, warehouse or other similar space to get in touch if we can hire this from you in order to run our clinics. We don’t need much, only a private 3 metre long room which is well lit, and we will offer discounted rates for medicals for your employees should you choose to assist D4Drivers in our search for venues.

From these clinics we will be offering DVLA D4 medicals and fitness to drive assessments, as well as any other assessments which your business requires and we are qualified to provide, for example forklift medicals.

If your business can help us to locate a temporary or permanent clinic then please email sales@d4drivers.uk with your name, contact information and the address of the premises and we will make contact with you ASAP. We would greatly appreciate your help at this difficult time and will ensure that any arrangement is beneficial for both parties.

Coronavirus Update

We are now running some clinics at reduced capacity in some locations, please go to https://www.d4drivers.uk/book-now/ and use our online booking portal to book your medical. (Remove this pop-up by clicking the ‘x’ at the bottom left). Our phone lines are not open at this time.

Please note sessions may not be at our usual clinic venues so check your confirmation email when booking.

We have contacted every existing customer affected by the coronavirus situation by email and provided a voucher code to use to rebook your medical, but if you have not yet heard from us please email bookings@d4drivers.uk.

If you require any assistance regarding a medical that you have already attended please email bookings@d4drivers.uk and this will be dealt with urgently.

If you cannot find a clinic suitable, please continue to check our online booking portal as we continue to add new clinic sessions.