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Theory Test for HGV/PCV Drivers

Before you can get behind the wheel of a lorry, bus or minibus and drive professionally you must undergo training in the role to improve your driving and ensure you can make the transition from a car to a larger vehicle.

Part of your training involves a theory test similar to the one in which everyone who drives has taken before driving a car. This test however is more specific to the larger vehicle.

What is Involved?

The Theory Tests for HGV/PCV drivers consists of 100 multiple-choice questions which are taken from a bank of over 1000, based on the environment, road safety and the highway code.

Categories of Questions


Sitting the Test

Before your theory test begins you will have a fifteen minute practice session allowing you to attain all the information you need to go on and pass the test, along with familiarising yourself with the touch screen which you will use to answer questions. You will have the assistance of staff if you encounter any problems.
During the test one question will appear on screen at a time, you can navigate forward and backward through the questions and can change your answers if necessary within the test condition period. You can also flag any questions which you are unsure of, and review them at the end of the test. All the way through your test you can see how long you have left by looking at the top right of the screen. When you have completed your test click on the ‘end’ button.

To Pass

You require a minimum of 85 out of 100 correct answers to pass your theory test.


115 minutes, as stated you can check during your test how much time you have left.

Required Documents

You must attend your theory test with your driving licence, as well as your appointment card or booking reference number. Failure to present these documents will result in cancellation of your test with no refund.

What happens if I fail?

You have to wait a minimum of three working days to resit your theory test but you can re-book the following day.

Pass Rate and Results

The pass rate for the theory test is currently 62.9%.


Due to the ongoing situation regarding COVID-19 our office is now closed and we are not taking new bookings at this time. We can only apologise for the difficult position that drivers currently find themselves in and we have done all we can to put pressure on DVLA. We expect there to be emergency legislation passed imminently to extend driving licences as we have already seen with MOTs.

We have contacted every existing customer affected by the current situation but if you have not yet rescheduled your appointment please email bookings@d4drivers.uk.

If you require any assistance regarding a medical that you have already attended please email bookings@d4drivers.uk and this will be dealt with urgently.

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