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D4 Medical; What’s Involved?

Having a D4 medical is a very straight forward procedure and is required to:

  1. Clarify The DVLA are aware of any medical conditions you currently have.
  2. Screen you the driver to pick up conditions you might not be aware of.
  3. Make sure that all passenger carrying and heavy goods drivers are safe & healthy enough to drive high mileage for long periods of time.

Depending on your overall health it should take between 10-15 minutes to complete.

DVLA Medical Requirements

There are 4 main elements to completing a D4 form, they are:

  1. Eyetest
  2. Blood Pressure Check
  3. Urine Test/Diabetes
  4. Declaration of your Consent

Although some novice doctors may take some time our experienced doctors know the form inside out and can complete a safe and effective medical in a very short period of time.

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Eye test

Snellen chart D4Drivers

The DVLA Eye test is less complex than an optician examination and is performed by our doctors as part of your medical.

The Doctor performs a single Snellen eye test. If you wear glasses for driving he will perform two, one not wearing glasses and one wearing your glasses.

The DVLA require that you don’t wear contact lenses to the examination, and if you wear glasses for reading but not for driving then you should pass the eye test easily.

Blood pressure Check

There is a large section of the D4 form which concerns the health of you heart. For good reason as having a heart attack behind the wheel could cause multiple casualties. Most of the questions deal with your own cardiac history and as part of the medical the doctor takes a blood pressure reading.

If you are currently being treated for high blood pressure and it is being controlled with medication the DVLA require that you tell the doctor:

  1. What Medication you are taking
  2. The Dosage
  3. Reason for taking (this applies for any medication you may be taking).

A very high proportion of drivers over 45 have high blood pressure, so as long as it is being treated you will be Okay.

Urine Test

The urine test isn’t strictly required for a DVLA D4 medical however our Doctors do take a sample to screen for Diabetes.

As with high blood pressure diabetes is a common ailment among long distance drivers and as long as it is being managed correctly you will be able to hold your licence entitlements.

The urine test doesn’t screen for anything else, however section 3 of the D4 form does ask about drug and alcohol misuse in the last 12 months.

Declaration of your Consent

In the final section of the D4 form the DVLA ask that you sign to say that you provided correct information to the doctor to the best of your knowledge and belief.

The section also asks you to check the form before you sign it as it is the driver’s responsibility for any mistakes that are on the form.

What happens Afterwards?

Once you have completed the medical you post it along with your completed D2 form and driving licence to the DVLA.

If you have sent the form close to the expiry date and haven’t received your licence back you are still legally entitled to drive under Section 88 of the Road Traffic Act 1988.

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