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Private Low Cost Flu Jabs West Midlands

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Stay Healthy This Winter


D4Drivers now offers flu jabs for as little as £6.99 when you have a lorry, bus or taxi medical at our Wovlerhampton clinic, Summerfield Healthcare. That’s cheaper than Tesco, Lloyds, Boots, Sainsbury’s and Superdrug.*

Unlike your own GP our flu jabs are:

  • Short notice, you won’t wait weeks like at your own GP Surgery
  • Cost efficient, our jabs are as little as £6.99
  • With you in mind, the NHS see adults aged 18-65 as low priority where as we do not.

Going private does not always mean paying more, as you will find out when you book your D4 medical and flu jab, eliminating the cost and wait you have to endure if you visit your own GP.


Why Should I Have a Private Flu Jab?


Losing a day’s work can be costly for anyone, let alone a week’s worth, specially when you are self-employed and cannot rely on sick pay to keep you going until you are fit enough to return to work. Many of us suffer from colds and coughs and this can soon turn into the inluenza virus, more commonly known as flu. D4Drivers’ Doctors know how important it is to be fit to work, even more so when you are in the construction and transport industry.

Our Doctors can see you at short notice and can even combine the flu jab with your DVLA D4 medical examination for just £6.99 extra. Our clinic, centrally located in Wolverhampton open six days a week.

To book your flu jab or to add a flu jab to a D4 medical booking you have already made call the number below:

What is Flu?

Flu is a highly contagious disease which is transmitted through the air and infects people of all ages, making it one of the most important viruses to be vaccinated against. The disease can lead to serious illnesses, pneumonia and even death.

How can I Prevent Flu?

Although you can take steps to prevent flu by washing your hands and surfaces regularly, and by using tissues when you sneeze, there is no rival to the flu jab to give you the peace of mind and satisfaction.

Book your Flu Jab

Coronavirus Update

We are now running around 60 clinics at reduced capacity across the UK with PPE and social distancing measures in place, please go to https://www.d4drivers.uk/book-now/ and use our online booking portal to book your medical. (Remove this pop-up by clicking the ‘x’ at the bottom left). Our phone lines are not open at this time.

Please note sessions may not be at our usual clinic venues so check your confirmation email when booking.

Please visit https://www.d4drivers.uk/covid-19-faqs/ for information about applying for/renewing your medical with D4Drivers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you require any assistance regarding a medical that you have already attended please email bookings@d4drivers.uk and this will be dealt with urgently.

If you cannot find a clinic suitable, please continue to check our online booking portal as we continue to add new clinic sessions.